Studying Abroad Is Beneficial


            The studying abroad program allows students to learn outside of the classroom. It gives hands-on and practical learning. It is very much like an extended educational field trip, only it is much more abroad than the average field trip. One may find him or herself studying around the Forbidden City in China or among the Pyramids of Egypt. There are unfortunately, some students who would miss these great experiences because they either have no interest in travel, or they would just rather stay in Northwest Georgia for the rest of their lives. Those students may be shy or antisocial, but that should not be an excuse to cause a great injustice to their brains. Northwest Georgia is a great place to live, without a doubt, but there is no Great Wall located in Murray County! There is no Big Ben in Dalton either!

 I was born right here in Chatsworth and used to feel the same way about traveling and staying in new places. I was a very shy person who didn’t like strangers and had nothing to do with adventures. All of that was true about me until I read an article about how good and beneficial the study abroad program was. All it took was a small leap of faith and the world was in my grasp.

Trying to convince somebody to take a study abroad trip just by telling him or her about it won’t give the learning expedition justice. One has to stand on the Great Wall of China and feel the 3,000 years of history beneath his or her feet to truly appreciate it. Just reading about the great Pyramids of Egypt will not, in any way, depict the intricacies of the Pyramid’s designs. When only reading about the ancient Egyptians, one cannot feel the fear of possibly getting cursed by some ancient Pharaoh for walking around his tomb. Reading the “made in China” label on the back of a toy robot or any other kind of electrical device doesn’t really show anyone the extreme technological advances that are witnessed when one simply walks down a street of Hong Kong or Shanghai. It takes actually being there to understand and appreciate fully the technological advances that are going on in Asia. Extremely modern infrastructure towers over one’s head while navigating through Hong Kong. All of the city lights alone is enough to put an epileptic into a fit.

Another great thing about studying abroad is the fact that the student actually receives college credit for doing it. Not only do students get to go out and explore new lands and cultures, but they will also receive college credit for it. Something else is made possible for students who loves Northwest Georgia but takes that essential leap of faith and joins the study abroad program. That student can come home afterwards and possibly improve the area he or she loves so much. The learning experience of other cultures can provide knowledge to someone who can apply it to his or her home. For example, if a student visits China, then he or she will find that the Chinese people place a great importance on the welfare of their families. After witnessing this, the student may come home and see how Whitfield county region has the highest divorce rate in the nation and be able to try to help fix the problem by starting an organization to raise awareness.

Overall, the study abroad program will benefit anyone who gives it a chance. Northwest Georgia is a great place to live, but there is also another world out there waiting to be had. The shy person should not let his or her disposition keep an experience of a lifetime at bay. Nobody can truly appreciate this experience except by getting out of his or her comfort zone and trying it.


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