Macaela Tennant

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The Relationship Breaker

          I met Joy when I started working at The Café over a year ago. We got along great and became friends almost immediately. It was not long before she invited me to come to her house to eat dinner and meet her family. I gladly accepted, so we made plans for that weekend. I never expected that every invitation I received after that weekend would be met with dread. The overwhelming force that was her family destroyed any hope of a relationship between Joy and I. The uncomfortable situations in her home, the constant phone calls from her husband, and the fact that we no longer worked together were the reasons for our friendship’s demise.

          Every time I went to visit Joy at her house, I was immediately consumed by the chaos of her family. First, her three kids would bombard me with questions, and they would jump all over me like a litter of wild puppies begging for attention. One time in particular, the youngest boy made me stand in his room as he proudly told me the names of all his action figures, while the other two kids stood at his door fighting over who’s room I was going to next. I, being a single gal, did not really enjoy spending my precious weekends with three screaming children. Then there was her husband, Kevin. If anyone could win a world record for the longest running monologue it would definitely be him. This guy would never be quiet, and what maddened me were his topics of conversation. He would relentlessly attempt to educate me on subject matter in which I had absolutely no interest, like Nascar or Harley Davidson Motorcycles. If I ever tried to escape from his steady flow of useless information, he would follow me around the house, oblivious to the fact that he was driving me insane. Needless to say, my visits to Joy’s house became less and less frequent.

          Not only did I have to deal with Kevin when I went to see Joy, but he would call my cell phone constantly. It made me very uncomfortable. I thought it was inappropriate for him, a married man, to call me at all, and the things he would say to me were unsettling. Sometimes, he would comment on my body and tell me I did not need to lose any more weight. Then, other times, he would mention one of his friends, who he wanted to “fix me up with.” This annoyed me terribly because I had told him repeatedly that I did not want to date anyone at that time. When I would finally get him to realize that I needed to get off the phone, he would throw in a last-minute guilt trip by letting me know how much the kids missed me because I stopped coming to visit. These telephone conversations made me want to smash my cell phone into tiny pieces so that I would never have to talk to him again.

          Visiting a chaotic house and receiving irritating phone calls really took their toll on me, so I can only imagine what they did to Joy. She eventually started slacking on her job and getting into trouble at work. She was continually on the phone with Kevin, and she was always tried. Her diminishing performance was what caused her termination from The Café, which was the final blow to our friendship.

          The unpleasant visits to her house, the irritating phone calls from Kevin, and the fact that I no longer saw her on a daily basis left me with only one course of action, and that was to end the friendship without delay. I wrote a respectful, but strongly worded letter. I explained why I could not continue our association and asked them to stop any pursuit of a relationship with me. I am still sorry for any hurt feelings that I may have caused, but after thinking back over the whole experience, I am sure that I made the right choice.

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