The Benefits of Pets


Kayla Warren      


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            There are many different benefits from having a pet. Some people with a few kids and a full-time job might not want a pet because of the “chore” aspect of it. A lot of moms with two or three kids to clean up after do not want to clean up after a new puppy or kitten. These moms do not see the benefits of adopting a pet. Some benefits would include the adoption of an already trained cat or dog, the responsibility that the kids would learn, and the protection instinct of some pets.

            There are millions of pets in shelters all over the world waiting to be taken to a good home. The best part about adopting a pet is that a lot of the animals are already house-broken. Some shelters teach the animals where to use the bathroom and what not to chew on. It is not hard to find a trained animal and the kids might learn a lot from the experience.

            Let's say that the kids are begging for a new puppy and the father agrees to but them one, but only if they promise to take care of the animal themselves. This is a good thing for the kids because they will be learning how to be responsible by taking care of the new puppy. Even if the puppy is pre-trained, the kids would still have the responsibility of taking the pet outside, walking, feeding, and bathing the pet.

            One other benefit from having a pet would be the benefit of protection. The dog would be the best pet for this benefit. There are schools that will train the dog to be like a guard for the house and the family. Guard dogs are taught to attack intruders and to let their owner know if something is wrong. There are television programs on Animal Planet that show trained guard dogs saving people. Some of the time the people whom theses dogs are saving are people whom the dog doesn’t even know.

         Many people do not have a good reason to say no to having a pet. Having a pet can be an amazing experience. Adopting a trained pet, the kids learning responsibility, and protection are just a few of the great benefits of owning a pet, but there are many others.