Twenty Most Common Student Mistakes

This list includes nearly all errors that students make in grammar and punctuation. I have noted

relevant sections in Hodges= Harbrace Handbook, editions fourteen and fifteen, for you to use when reviewing and revising.



1. Introductory material not followed by comma. 12b

2. Compound sentence without comma. 12a

3. Non-restrictive clause without comma(s). 12d

4. Restrictive clause has comma(s). 13d

5. Comma splice. 3

6. Series lacks comma(s). 12c

7. Possessive apostrophe mistake. 15a

8. Its and it= s misuse. [Glossary of Usage]

9. Subject-verb agreement. 6a

10. Verb tense shift. 27a

11. Improper verb tense or form. 7a-c

12. Sentence fragment. 2

13. Fused sentence. 2

14. Word misuse. [dictionary]

15. Improper shift in person. 27b

16. Unclear pronoun reference. 28a

17. Pronoun agreement problem. 6b

18. Incorrectly inflected word (word ending). 7a

19. Lack of or incorrect preposition. 1c

20. Dangling or misplaced modifier. 25




ENGL 1101-1102

Dr. Cecile de Rocher

From Lunsford and Connors= The New St. Martin's Handbook.