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PHED 1010

CPR for the Professional Rescuer


A lecture and activity course for students who want to gain the skills and knowledge used by professional rescuers when providing initial care for life-threatening respiratory and cardiac emergencies.

Students will be required to attend lectures and video presentations, practice basic life support skills on an infant, child, and adult training mannequin, successfully perform specialized skills and techniques used by professional rescuers, such as 2-man CPR, use of a personal resuscitation mask, and use of a bag-valve-mask ventilator.


1. Learn the role of the professional rescuer in the EMS system

2. Learn the role of the professional rescuer in providing emergency care

3. Learn how to recognize and respond to respiratory and cardiac emergencies in infants, children, and adults

4. Recognize the risk factors that contribute to cardiovascular disease

5. Perform specialized skills used by professional rescuers


Text: CPR for the Professional Rescuer, American Red Cross

"Chris Clean" adult facepiece and lung bag

"Chris Clean" baby facepiece and lung bag

Resuscitation mask

*Wear loose comfortable clothing - the majority of class time is spent on the floor with a training mannequin.


- Successfully perform all basic life support skills

- Complete a written exam with a minimum score of 80%

- Attend all class sessions. Attendance is mandatory.


The assignment of a grade for the course will be determined from attendance and exam score.

A = 94 - 100 Exam Score plus 0 - 1 absences
B = 87 - 93 Exam Score plus 0 - 1 absences
C = 80 - 86 Exam Score plus 0 - 2 absences
F = Exam Score less than 80 or 3 absence

Any missed work must be made up at the convenience of the instructor.

PHED 1010



TOPICS: Introduction to course

Chapter 1 - The Professional Rescuer

Chapter 2 - Human Body Systems

Chapter 3 - Preventing Disease Transmission

Chapter 4 - Priorities of Care
  Skill - position victim, pg. 60
Skill - primary survey, pg. 61-62

Chapter 5 - Breathing Emergencies
  Skill - rescue breathing adult, pg. 86-88
Skill - rescue breathing child, pg. 86-88
Skill - rescue breathing infant, pg. 89-92 obstructed airway adult & child, pg. 93-96
Skill - obstructed airway infant, pg. 97-100

Chapter 6 - Breathing Devices
  Skill - resuscitation mask, pg. 111-112
Skill - BVM resuscitator, pg. 113-114

Chapter 7 - Cardiac Emergencies

  Skill - CPR adult, pg. 141-144
Skill - CPR adult 2 man CPR, pg. 153-157
Skill - CPR child, pg. 145-148 CPR infant, pg. 149-152
Skill - CPR with breathing devices

Chapter 8 - Special Resuscitation Situations

Written Exam