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Cheyrl Grayson: Courses: PHED 1020

PHED 1020


INSTRUCTOR: Cheryl Grayson Office: Gym 112 Phone: 272-4540

E-mail Address:


An introduction to basic scientific knowledge and practical experience in the principles, assessment, and development of total well-being through health related physical fitness and lifestyle management techniques. Major topics will include: cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance, muscular strength, flexibility, body composition, and nutrition.


  1. To promote an understanding of the areas of physical fitness including cardiovascular fitness, body composition, flexibility, muscular strength, and muscular endurance.
  2. To acquaint the student with practical techniques for evaluating physical fitness status and to develop an awareness of personal fitness needs.
  3. To expose the student to scientifically based fitness programs that will enable the development of physical fitness and efficiency in daily work and recreational activities.
  4. To encourage personal responsibility for health and wellness.


A Fit and Well@ 3rd Ed., by Thomas D. Fahey Publisher: Mayfield


Written Exams - 7 - 1 per chapter 10% each 70%

Laboratories and Fitness Tests 30%


Classes that meet 3 times per week OR Classes that meet 2 times per week

5 absences = F (non-passing grade) 4 absences = F (non-passing grade)

Student is responsible for obtaining and completing any assignment made during an absence.

If student is absent when a written exam is administered, a make-up will be conducted only at the discretion of the instructor.

Ten points will be deducted from all make-up exams.

Students with disabilities or special needs of any type should contact Disability Support Services in the Ace Center to request reasonable accommodations for academic programs and other activities of Dalton State College. Students must personally register with Disability Support Services by providing adequate documentation to verify the disability and/or need. A minimum of five to ten business days is needed for approved accommodations to be arranged. The ACE Center is located on the lower level of Pope Student Center.