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Cheyrl Grayson: Courses: PHED 1110

PHED 1110

INSTRUCTOR: Cheryl Grayson
  Gym - 112
   Office #: 272-4540



To introduce walking as a lifetime fitness activity. To acquaint the novice walker with the following information: the benefits of fitness walking, clothing and equipment, elements of a fitness routine, walking techniques, nutrition, lifetime weight control, mental benefits, motivational strategies.


1. Identify the elements of a fitness routine and the importance of each element.

2. Learn correct walking techniques.

3. Learn to assess current fitness levels and choose an appropriate program.

4. Understand the importance of a commitment to a lifetime fitness activity.

5. Learn how to walk safely in varying conditions and locations.

6. Complete a quarter long walking program and meet minimal standards of distance and time.

SCHEDULE: Class Meets Either:

3 times per week for 50 minutes OR 2 times per week for 1 hour and 15 minutes

Adequate time for changing will be allowed. Students are expected to arrive on time and participate fully until class is dismissed. It is suggested that students walk and additional session outside of class per week to increase fitness.


Classes that meet 3 times per week OR Classes that meet 2 times per week

5 absences = F (non-passing grade) 4 absences = F (non-passing grade)


50% Written Evaluation

A Mid-Term and Final Exam will be administered and cover material from the

assigned text, hand-outs, lectures and videos.

25% Skill Evaluation (skill test, drills, tournaments)

25% Attendance and Participation

100 points (-5 points for each day missed)

100 points (0-5 points for daily participation)

MATERIALS: Text "Walking For Fitness" Seiger/Hesson, 3rd Edition

Appropriate Clothing (Discussed first day of class)

Students with disabilities or special needs of any type should contact Disability Support Services in the Ace Center to request reasonable accommodations for academic programs and other activities of Dalton State College. Students must personally register with Disability Support Services by providing adequate documentation to verify the disability and/or need. A minimum of five to ten business days is needed for approved accommodations to be arranged. The ACE Center is located on the lower level of Pope Student Center.