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Cheyrl Grayson: Courses: PHED 1520

PHED 1520

INSTRUCTOR: Cheryl Grayson
  Gym - 112
   Office #: 272-4540



This course is designed to develop the skills needed to instruct and plan courses in the American Red Cross Swimming and Water Safety Program. Upon successful completion of the course WSIs are qualified to teach all levels of the Infant & Preschool Aquatics Program and the Learn to Swim Program, the Community Water Safety course, and the Water Safety Instructor Aide course.


To train instructor candidates to teach American Red Cross Swimming and Water Safety courses. Topics include:

> Using ARC resource guides to teach skills & concepts

> Planning and organizing courses

> Health and safety

> Instructor skill development and proficiencies

> Practice teaching

> Evaluating participant= s performance


  1. Demonstrate the qualities required of an ARC representative and role model.
  2. Be familiar with the appropriate required course materials i.e. manuals, videos, participant resources, etc.
  3. Be able to plan, conduct, and evaluate swimming and water safety courses.
  4. Be able to monitor participants practice and provide corrective feedback and encouragement.
  5. Be able to ensure the safety of participants.
  6. Be able to customize courses to meet participants needs.
  7. Be able to maintain complete and accurate records and reports.
  8. Be able to keep personal knowledge and skills current.
  9. Be able to demonstrate required skills at an acceptable level of performance.

  11. Be at least 17 years old.
  12. Successfully complete a pre-course written test with at least a score of 80% (Ch. 2 & 3 or Community Water Safety Test).
  13. Successfully complete a pre-course skill test consisting of the following:
  14. > Long shallow dive into a minimum of 9 feet of water, perform a surface dive, retrieve a 10-pound

    brick in 6 to 9 feet of water, and bring it to the surface.

    > Perform a wading assist with equipment. Bring the victim safely to the side of the pool.

    > Enter shallow water and approach a facedown victim with a suspected spinal injury.

    Use the Head Splint to establish the airway and maintain in-line stabilization.

    &#> Perform throwing assist using a ring buoy with a line attached. Bring the victim to the side of the


    > Perform a reaching assist from land using equipment.

    > Front Crawl - 50 yards

    > Back Crawl - 50 yards

    > Sidestroke - 50 yards

    > Breaststroke - 50 yards

    > Elementary backstroke - 50 yards

    > Butterfly 7-10 yards

    > Standing front dive from deck

    MATERIALS REQUIRED Swim suit, towel, and goggles



    American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor= s Manual

    American Red Cross Swimming and Diving

    American Red Cross Infant and Preschool Aquatic Program

    American Red Cross Instructor Candidate Training Participant= s Manual

    American Red Cross Waddles Presents AQUACKtic Safety children= s activity book


    American Red Cross Training for Swim Coaches Instructor= s Manual

    American Red Cross Training for Swim Coaches

    American Red Cross Longfellow= s Whale Tales


    Class meets 1 hour 15 minutes per session; 2 sessions per week for 15 weeks

    Out of class practice is encouraged.

  15. Volunteer Practice co-teaching opportunities will be available as community classes are scheduled.
  16. Skill practice and conditioning out of class assignments are encouraged.
  17. Instructor candidates are required to receive 39 hrs. of Water Safety Instructor= s training and 6 hrs. of Instructor Candidate Training to meet requirements for certification.

    All missed classes must be made up, if opportunity is not available certification WILL NOT be granted.


  18. Complete all reading assignments
  19. Attend all sessions
  20. Successfully complete all practice-teaching assignments
  21. Score at least 80% on the final written test
  22. Score at least 80% on the Instructor Candidate Training Exam


50% Written Evaluation

A Mid-Term and Final Exam will be administered and cover material from the assigned text, handouts,

lectures and videos.

25% Skill Evaluation (skill test, drills, tournaments)

25% Attendance and Participation

100 points (-5 points for each day missed)

100 points (0-5 points for daily participation)


5 absences = F for course

An absence on an exam day will result in a loss of 10 pts. from exam scores.

Students with disabilities or special needs of any type should contact Disability Support Services in the Ace Center to request reasonable accommodations for academic programs and other activities of Dalton State College. Students must personally register with Disability Support Services by providing adequate documentation to verify the disability and/or need. A minimum of five to ten business days is needed for approved accommodations to be arranged. The ACE Center is located on the lower level of Pope Student Center.