BIOL 1107: Principals of Biology I
BIOL 1108:
Principals of Biology II
BIOL 1100: Human Biology
BIOL 1105: Environmental Science

Celeste Humphrey, Ph.D..

Title: Associate Professor of Biology
Natural Sciences
Phone: 706.272.4451
Fax: 706.272.2533
Office: Sequoya Hall, 138
Ph.D. University of Georgia
M.S. Georgia Institute of Technology
B.S. Georgia Institute of Technology

Office Hours:
M: 12:05-5:00
T: 12:05-1:30
W: 1:00-2:45 - in Science Lab
R: 12:05-1:30


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Department of Natural Sciences
School of Science, Technology, and Mathematics

Hello! I am a member of the biology faculty here at DSC. I am continually amazed by the fact that I have been here 20 years. I got my Bachelor's degree and my Master's degree at Georgia Tech and my doctorate at the University of Georgia. My major areas were molluscs, marine ecology and population genetics. I have taught many classes at Dalton State College, including Introductory Biology, Anatomy and Physiology, Environmental Science, Human Biology and long ago Learning Support Math. Now I mostly teach Biology 1107 and 1108, Biology 1100(Human Biology) and Biology 1105 (Environmental Science).



Dalton State, 650 College Drive, Dalton, GA 30720
706.272.4436 • 1.800.829.4436 •