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Cheryl W. Owens

Title: Assistant Professor of Nursing
Phone: 706.272.4559
Fax: 706.272.4563
Office: Sequoya Hall, 110
M.S.N./M.P.H. Emory University
B.S.N. Medical College of Georgia

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Department of Nursing

I am originally from Chatsworth and attended Dalton State during my senior year in high school. It was in high school that I first realized I was interested in some type of health career. I took a health occupations course to fill a gap in my schedule and soon became engrossed with the course. My teacher referred me for a nursing tech job at the local hospital and I never considered another profession.

As soon as I graduated, I enrolled at the Medical College of Georgia Satellite School of Nursing, in Athens. I loved Athens and became a huge fan of all Georgia sports

I enjoyed most of my nursing classes but after my obstetrics rotation, I was hooked. I selected obstetrics for my senior practicum. During that rotation, I was fortunate to work with three certified nurse midwives (CNM) who took an interest in my clinical. After that semester, I knew I wanted to become a CNM also.

After graduation, I worked in labor and delivery. I applied to nurse-midwifery programs as soon as I had enough experience and ultimately decided to attend Emory University. I decided to not only complete the Master in Nursing program but also to enroll in the new dual degree Master of Nursing/Master of Public Health major. It was a wonderful mix of classes. My view of healthcare expanded from just a few patients to an entire population of patients.

After two decades as a women's health provider, I changed roles from practitioner to educator. Since joining the faculty at Dalton State in 2011, I have had the opportunity to teach in both the medical assisting and nursing programs. I found I loved teaching as much as I had loved caring for patients.

I am a student again myself. I am currently enrolled in the Doctor of Nursing Practice Program at GSCU and plan to graduate in December 2014.

Outside of DSC, I am a wife, mom, and Mimi. I enjoy working with children and adolescents through my church and our local school systems. Oh yes, I am still a huge sports fan and am excited about our DSC athletics program. Go Roadrunners!!

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