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Course Contents

Course Learning Objectives

Course Requirements and Evaluation

Course Schedule & Exams


Differences From Regular Courses



Emergency Plan 

Main Differences Between Online and Regular Courses

Questions & Strategies

Ethics, Plagiarizing, & Cheating

Access Statement for Students with Disabilities

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ANTH -  1103 , CRN: 80346

Fall 2012

13 August - 12 December 2012

This is an online class that will meet only once every about three weeks for in-class unit exams


Dates: Class meets four times for taking unit Exams


(See the Course Schedule)


Day: Thursday


Times: 9:25-10:40 am


Room: LIA 114



Office Hours:


10:50 - 1:35, Monday & Wednesday


12:15 - 1:30, Tuesday & Thursday


or by appointment for other times



Course Learning Outcomes


The course aims at meeting the general goals and intended outcomes of the Division of Social Sciences. However, the course aims at meeting the following specific learning outcomes.




1.      Students will articulate an understanding of individual and cultural differences and perspectives across the globe. (Global Perspectives)


2.         Students will analyze social institutions, world religions, natural landscapes, or human behavior using appropriate disciplinary frameworks.


3.      Students will articulate an understanding of major theories of cultural anthropology and major methods of conducting anthropological research.


4.     Students will articulate an understanding of characteristics of types of the human society, particularly hunting-gathering, horticultural, pastoralist, agricultural, and industrial societies.