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SOCI - 1101 - 03, CRN: 80468

Fall 2012

13 August - 12 December, 2012

This is a Rgular class that will meet two days a week

On: Monday & Wednesday


 Time: 1:40 am - 2:55 pm


Room:  Tech 201


Regular Course

Office Hours:


10:50 - 1:35, Monday & Wednesday


12:15 - 1:30, Tuesday & Thursday


or by appointment for other times



Course Text & Topics


TEXT: Henslin, James M. Sociology: A Down to Earth Approach. Tenth Edition (2011).




1st Edition for DSC (The Intersections Collection, Pearson Custom Sociology, at DSC Bookstore).




Custom 2nd Edition for Dalton State College,  Allyn and Bacon. ISBN-10: 1-256-06194-8

or ISBN-13: 978-1-256-06194-6




SOCI 1101. Introduction to Sociology 3-0-3

Prerequisite: READ 0098, or a COMPASS score of 80 or better.

Examines human social behavior. Topics covered include culture, social interaction, deviance, social classes, social change, politics, religion, and the family. This course also considers the principal perspectives in sociology for interpreting everyday events and for interpreting the social structures of society. (F,S,M)