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Course Requirements and Evaluation


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Emergency Plan 


Main Differences Between Online and Regular Courses


Questions & Strategies


Ethics, Plagiarizing, & Cheating


Access Statement for

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SOCI - 1101 - 03H, CRN: 23317


Spring 2013


7 January - 6 May, 2013


This is a Hybrid class that will meet once a week


On: Tuesday


Time: 12:15 am - 1:30 pm


Room:  LIA 102


Hybrid Course


Office Hours:


9:30 - 12:10, Monday & Wednesday


10:55 - 12:10, Tuesday & Thursday


or by appointment for other times



Course Learning Outcomes



The course aims at meeting the general goals and intended outcomes of the Division of Social Sciences (See below). However, the course aims at meeting specific learning objectives. Upon completion of Sociology 1101, students should have knowledge and ability to demonstrate that about the following areas:






      1. Students will demonstrate the ability to articulate and analyze perspectives and values of diverse cultural groups and their historical experiences in the United States.


       2. Students will demonstrate an ability to articulate and analyze racial and ethnic group relations, norms, and individual deviance.


      3. Students will demonstrate the ability to articulate and analyze stratification and social inequality.