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Main Differences Between Online and Regular Courses


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Marriage & Family


SOCI - 2293 - 02, CRN: 23311


Spring 2013


9 January - 7 May 2012


This is a regular class that will meet twice a week


On: Tuesdays & Thursdays


Time: 9:25 - 10:40


Room: Tech 106



Regular Course



Office Hours:


9:30 - 12:10, Monday & Wednesday


10:55 - 12:10, Tuesday & Thursday


or by appointment for other times



Course Contents

Seven Steps to Do Well in This Course

Several materials are provided to you through the Georgia View (GV) online learning system in order to help you do well in this course.

To do well, then, is dependent on using these materials and completing the following six steps thoroughly:

1. Read each assigned chapter, preferably in advance of coming to class.

2. Attendace is essential to pass the course.

3. Participate in class discussions daily.

4. Review the Chapter information by Friday.

5. Take the relevant Chapter online test by Saturday or Sunday.

6. Finally, skim through all of the above before taking the Unit Exam, which covers three chapters.