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Course Learning Objectives


Course Requirements and Evaluation 


Course Schedule & Exams





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SOCI - 1101 - 02O, CRN: 50287

Summer 2013

20 May - 19 July, 2013


This is an Online class that will meet four times for testing only


On: Tuesdays 


Time: 8:00 - 9:25 am


Room:  LIA 114


Online Course



Office Hours:


Tusedays: 8:45-10:45 am


 or by appointment for other times


Contact Dr. El-Najjar at: helnajjar@daltonstate.edu





Course Requirements and Evaluation






Students are required to attend to class activities, read the text, and take all the tests described in this syllabus. Evaluation will be based on the student's ability to demonstrate understanding of the topics discussed throughout the course.




Evaluation is divided into the following four main parts:



1. There are four multiple-choice Unit Exams, which account for 40% of the grade. The exams will be drawn from the text, lectures, and media presented in the class.


2. Online Tests, on Georgia View, which account for 30% of the grade.


3. Participation in Online Class Discussions, which accounts for 25% of the grade.


4. A Research Exercise Project, which accounts for 5% of the grade (Details are on Georgia View).







Notes Concerning Attendance and Absence:


1. Attendance is rewarded by 10% of the grade for students with perfect attendance. However, for everyday or half day of absence, a student may lose one percentage point, no matter what the reason for absence is.


2. Absence is discouraged in this regular course, and a student who exceeds half of the course time may be assigned a failing grade. However, excused absence (such as death in the family or going to the doctor) may not lead to the failing penalty. But it will lead to the reduction in the attendance points, one point for each day or half day of absence.


Notes Concerning deadlines and dates of exams and tests:


1. Unit Exams are to be taken on campus, at the specific times stated in the course schedule section.


2. Chapter Online tests are to be taken through the Georgia View D2L system, at the announced dates and deadlines.