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Emergency Plan 

Main Differences Between Online and Regular Courses

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Ethics, Plagiarizing, & Cheating

Access Statement for Students with Disabilities

Withdrawal from the Course

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Emergency Instructional Plan

In Case the College is Closed


All the educational materials related to this course are available to students through their Georgia View Blackboard accounts. These materials include study guides, handouts, power-point lesson presentations, and lecture notes.

Assessments in the form of online tests, discussion topics, and other assignments are also available from the first day of classes.

If the college is closed for inclement weather or other conditions, please consult the course calendar and the course schedule, which have been posted on Georgia View since the beginning of the semester.

The Course Schedule and Calendar prompt you to which tests, discussion topics, and assignments, you are expected to take or participate in throughout the semester, including  any emergency period.

 You are expected to complete the assigned readings, take the scheduled online tests, and  participate in the assigned online class discussions . 

You are also expected to check your email for additional information and updates.

Compensatory make-up days may be required if the total number of days lost exceeds the equivalent of one week of class time.