Directions to Taylor's Ridge:

From Dalton, go west on Hwy. 76 (this is the "north bypass" and exit 336 off of I-75) for a mile or two (from the I-75 interstate). Before reaching Tunnel Hill, turn south on Hwy. 201 for 11 miles to Villanow (the junction with Hwy. 136). Go west on Hwy 136 about 5 miles until you reach the crest line of Taylor's Ridge.  At the top of the ridge, there will be a wide pulloff to the right that takes you onto county road 250 (a gravel road along the ridgeline to the north).  Take this road in until you get to the powerline cut (around one mile).  Park at the powerline cut and collect at the cut and along the roads.  In a good year, Buck Moths will be flying at both the cut and along the road itself.  Hopefully, there will still be flowers in bloom so you can collect other things as well.