Representative pictures of orders of Hexapods

    Pterygota (Infraclass Neoptera)

  Superorder Hemipteroidea
        Order Zoraptera  -- Zorapterans

        Order Psocoptera  -- Booklice and Barklice; Psocids

       Kenneth Stein

        Order Phthiraptera  -- Lice
            Suborders Ambylcera and Ischnocera -- Biting Lice
2004 David R. Maddison

            Suborder Anoplura -- Sucking Lice

      Head lice (including picture with dime for scale),         Kenneth Stein

        Order Thysanoptera -- the Thrips

One thrips (suborder Tubulifera)                        Many thrips (Tubulifera; note immatures)
                                         Scott Camarazine