Quiz #2, Summer 2006 -- Digestive System        Worth 24 points, graded out of 20.

1.  Chemical digestion of proteins begins in the ________________.


2.  The most important structures in the mouth for physical digestion are the __________________.


3.  The enzyme in saliva, also secreted by the pancreas, that digests starch is _________________.


4.  Name either flap that shuts respiratory passageways when swallowing.

        Uvula and epiglottis are both correct.

5.  T or F.  Some digestive organs release hormones that help control their own functioning.


6.  The most important organ for absorption is the _______________________.

        Small Intestine

7.  The layer of the wall (of digestive organs) that is in contact with the food is the ___________________.

        Mucosa, or mucous membrane

8.  The muscle in the wall has two layers:  circular and longitudinal.  Which layer is responsible for sphincters along the digestive system passageways?


9.  The internal anal sphincter is involuntary or voluntary?


10.  What vitamin helps with the absorption of calcium?

        Vitamin D

11.  What activates pepsinogen to become pepsin?

        Acid, acidic conditions

12.  What does bile do to fats?

        Emulsifies (emulsification)