Should it be necessary that we miss classes due to inclement weather or other conditions, please refer to the schedule of readings/exercises on the syllabus and my faculty website (http://www.daltonstate.edu/faculty-staff/jadams)  and complete the indicated readings/exercises. Do not forget that I have a special link on my website specifically for test dates and due dates for assignments, so it should be easy to remind yourself if the due date for some assignment is fast approaching. I will make every attempt to put announcements about new due dates and rescheduling of test dates (should a test be missed) onto the faculty website during the time we are not in class; if nothing else, do not hesitate to e-mail me for clarification should you need it. Lecture outlines are available on the faculty website from day one of the semester, so you should have a good indication of what material we will miss if you make copies of those outlines. Compensatory make-up days may be required if the total number of days lost exceeds the equivalent of one week of class time.

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