Possible Persuasive Speech Topics:

Adoption laws- Should the process be simpler?

Acupuncture- Is this a viable treatment method?

Bilingual Education- Should students be required to take a foreign language in elementary school?

Civil Rights- Has the civil rights movement improved the lives of Americans?

DNA Testing – Should states allow post conviction DNA testing?

Electoral College- Should the election system be changed?

Identity Theft- Should the punishment for identity theft be stronger?

Income Tax- Should the government release all citizens from income tax for a flat national sales tax?

Death Penalty- Is the death penalty cruel and unusual punishment?

Stem Cell Research- Is stem cell research unnecessary or unethical?

Insanity Defense- Is this a valid defense?

Health Care- Is the health care system beyond repair?

Environmental Issues- What policies are needed to help clean up the environment?

Seatbelt Laws- Should seatbelts be required for all vehicles? (School Bus)

Standardized Testing- Do standardized tests provide an accurate reflection of ability?

Political Issues- Should faith based organizations be allowed to apply for federal funds?

Social Security- How should America address the social security crisis?

Corporal Punishment- Should school personnel be allowed to spank children?

Euthanasia- Is doctor assisted suicide ethical?

School Vouchers- Is this a necessary policy?

No Child Left Behind- Is this program working?

This is not an exhaustive list of all persuasive topics. These are only a few examples. Use this as a beginning point as you prepare for the persuasive speech.