Statement of Professional Development



          When I first started teaching at Dalton State College, no one knew I was a nationally published poet. Because the college is primarily a business college, there wasn’t too much opportunity or incentive to build up my professional poetry and fiction credentials. However, my own inner drive and passion for writing eventually engaged me in the college literary magazine, Tributaries. I joined and became a regular participant of the Chattanooga Writers Guild. I started teaching a one-hour creative writing course for beginning writers. A new three-hour course, Writing Creatively for Self-Enhancement will be offered for the first time during spring 2006.  Most importantly, I found myself writing again, with all that that word connotes--revising, pulling together collections of my work, and submitting material for publication.


            This past year, I was approached by an editor who wanted permission to use my poem “Grasshopper” in an Internet teaching anthology that would be used not only in the United States, but also in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand, and Canada. The poem had been published in The Ohio Journal in 1982 and in 1984 reprinted in Anthology of Modern Verse. Because writers always say that getting into the teaching anthologies furthers one’s career more than anything else, except maybe Oprah, I was thrilled to have my poem published in Heydays of Our Lives (


            In addition, I have been writing a novel, Flight, which is a story about a seventeen-year-old girl who kills her father. Because her mother is arrested for the crime, the girl must grow up fast. She has important decisions to make.


            Another major book project, in which I am engaged, along with Professor Roschelle Mears, is Changing Lives: Reaching for the American Dream. The focus of this Creative Nonfiction is to share heartfelt stories of immigrants who now live in Dalton, Georgia.


            Dr. Mathews is a member of Associated Writers Program, National Council of Teachers of English, American Association for University Women, Georgia Writers Association, and Chattanooga Writers’ Guild.

















2003-4                         Monthly Participant    Chattanooga Writer’s Guild



10/04                           Presenter                      “Novel Beginnings” Chattanooga Writers                                                                                  Guild, Chattanooga      


3/31/04                        Presenter                      “Snapshots: Stories of Local Immigrants”

                                                                        DSC Brown Bag Series


2/04                             Presenter                      “Four Love Poems by Marsha Mathews”                                                                                  and Interview. WUTC 88.9 FM radio,                                                                          Chattanooga.


4/04                             Presenter                      “Climbing the Uxmal Ruins” at Professor                                                                                   Roschelle Mears’s lecture on Mexico,

                                                                        DSC Brown Bag Series


2/19-21/04                   Attendant                     Meacham’s Writers’ Workshop,                                                                                               UTC and Chattanooga State.


2004                            Coordinator                  Teaching Roundtable for Literature


2003                            Attendant                     Seventh Annual Blue Ridge Writer’s                                                                              Conference      


2003                            Coordinator                  Teaching Roundtable for Writing about Lit        


2002                            Attendant                     National Council of Teachers of English                                                                                     Conference, Atlanta


2002                            Presenter                      “How to Write Poetry,” with Visiting                                                                             Professor Dr. Andrew Salmon,

                                                                        Dalton State College Student Center


2002                            Attendant                     Bourne Lecture Series


2002                            Attendant                     Using Eudora Email Workshop


2002                            Attendant                     Front Page XP Workshop


2002                            Attendant                     Cultural Diversity Workshop,

                                                                        Roberts Library, Dalton State College




10/01                           Attendant                     OCIS Adobe Photoshop


8/01                             Participant                    “As Corpses, Let’s Go Walking: A Study of

                                                                        Gallows Humor and Disappearing in

                                                                        Heller’s Catch-22 and Salinger’s Catcher in

                                                                        the Rye.”  Presented at University of               

                                                                        Maryland World Humor & Irony                                                                                              Conference, 2001.


7/01                             Participant                    “Appalachian Voices.” Original Poetry.                                                                                     Presented at the 24th Annual Appalachian                                                                                  Writer’s Workshop, Hindman Settlement

                                                                        School, Hindman, KY, 2001.