English 1101, Section 1: Tentative Schedule

Summer Term 2005, Nielsen


Week  Date                Activity


1.         May 18            Course Introduction, Syllabus, Model Paragraph;

                                    Type I Errors; Writing Sample


2.         May 23            Subject/verb Agreement; (Wordsmith, pp. 271-284)

                                    The Writing Process (Wordsmith, pp. 3-35)

                                    Brainstorming, Freewriting, Mapping

                                    Support: Examples, Statistics, Authorities; Writing Lab

            May 25            Comma Splices/Fused Sentences (Wordsmith, pp. 285-300)

                                    Topic Sentences, Coherence;

                                    Overview of the One-Paragraph Essay

                                    Semicolons (Wordsmith, pp. 414-415)

                                    Assign one-paragraph essay (topics pp. 36 and 37 in Wordsmith)


3.         May 30            Sentence Fragments and Clauses (Wordsmith, pp. 301-316)

                                    One-Paragrah Essay Due

                                    Overview of the Five-Paragraph Essay (Wordsmith, pp. 39-58)

                                    Thesis Statements and Plans of Development

            June 1              Introductions (Wordsmith, pp. 61-71)

                                    Developing Body Paragraphs; Unity (Wordsmith, pp. 73-101)

                                    Conclusions (Wordsmith, pp. 101-109)


4.         June 6              Movie/TV/Book Group Essay; Comma Rules (Chapter 21 of Wordsmith)

                                    Outline for 1st Essay; Chapter 7, Revising, pp. 111-126 of Wordsmith)

            June 8              In-class Movie, Television, or Book Essay (Essay 1)

                                    Pronoun Agreement (Chapter 17, Wordsmith)


5.         June 13            Comparison and Contrast (Chapter 10, pp. 195-205)

                                    Small Group Comparison/Contrast Practice

                                    Pronoun Case (Chapter 16, Wordsmith)

June 15            Comparison/Contrast Essay Due (Essay 2)

                                    Misplaced/Dangling Modifiers (Chapter 18, Wordsmith)


6.         June 20            Cause and Effect Essays (Chapter 10, pp. 205-212)

                                    Apostrophes (Chapter 26, Wordsmith)

June 22            In-Class Cause and Effect Essay (Essay 3)

                        Midterm Averages; Word Choice (Chapter 23, Wordmsith)


7.         June 27            Regents’ Scoring Criteria 

                        Process Essays; Group Process Essay

            June 29            Mock Regents’ Essay (Essay 4)

                                    Parallelism (Chapter 19, Wordsmith)

                                    Editing Exercises


8.         July 4               Independence Day Holiday: No Class  

July 6               Process Essay Due (Essay 5)

                        Detail Activities (“Noah” & Descriptive Detail)


9.         July 11             Division and Classification

                                    Quotation Marks (Chapter 27 in Wordsmith)

            July 13             Classification Outlines; Apostrophes (Chapter 26 in Wordsmith)

                                    In-Class Classification Essay (Essay 6)

                        (Cannot Be Revised for Points)


10.       July 18             Colons and Dashes; (pp. 415-418 in Wordsmith)

                                    Regents’ Essay (Cannot Be Revised for Points) (Essay 7)

            July 19            Last Day to Earn Lab Points

            July 20             Regents’ Reading Test; Last Day of Class; Folders Due (with ALL

                                    Graded Assignments)

            July 21             Final Exam (11:30 a.m.-1:00 p.m.)



Note: Topics may be added or deleted as neces