Fragment, Fused Sentence, Sentence Sense Practice Quiz

Part 1: Underline the subjects and highlight the verbs in the following sentences.  Be sure to look for helping verbs, compound subjects, and compound verbs.

1.  Christa emptied her purse on the floor.

2.  Laura wanted to go to the store after work to buy something to eat for

3.  Stetson applied for the job and went for an interview.

4.  Juan is studying to become an electrical engineer.

5.  To amuse his coworkers was John's ambition.

6.  Interning with eighth graders frightened Ms. Tanzy away from
     secondary-school teaching.

7.  Cleaning the kitchen and scrubbing the bathroom occupied most of my

8.  Either of the candidates should be offered the job.

9.  On the edge of the meadow lay an old yellow dog.

10. Did you look for compound verbs and watch for prepositional phrases?

Part 2: Determine whether the following are fragments or complete sentences.

11. Although Laura sang softly.

12. The students knowing that practice would help them do well on the test.

13. Because I forget that I was out of checks.

14. If you miss the train.

Part 3: Determine whether the following are correct (C), include a comma splice (CS), or are fused (FS).

15.  I wanted to lose weight, however, I ate the chocolate chip cookie

16.  When you go for an interview, arrive on time.

17.  Linda took the practice test consequently she made a 100% on the real

18.  Jeff was a model student he always came to class prepared.

19.  Vegetables such as corn and potatoes should be avoided on a diet,
       instead eat salads and green vegetables.

20.  Review is essential, for it allows the student a chance to identify gaps in

21.  If you are having trouble identifying comma splices, try the practice in
       the Writing Lab, this practice will help you do well on the test.

Part 4: Correct the following fragments, comma splices, and fused sentences.

22.  When Laura checked her answers.

23.  Jill shaved her head for her interview, John shaved his beard.

24.  My sister is an extrovert however, I am quiet and reserved.

25.  Chris studying hard and reviewing the material.

26.  Since I have time.