Service Learning

Those students who wish to do so may elect to present their persuasive speech outside of class to an audience within the Dalton State College service area. Doing so would allow the student to participate in service learning, an educational initiative which promotes meeting course objectives while also meeting community needs.

Students who do participate in service learning via the persuasive speech assignment should follow several guidelines:

1) the speech topic must address an aspect of health and wellness and be approved in advance by the instructor;

2) the speech must be crafted to meet all objectives expected of a persuasive speech to be presented in class;

3) all arrangements necessary for presenting the speech - choice of an appropriate audience, permission to deliver the speech, transportation to and from the venue, etc. - are the responsibility of the student speaker; and

4) the speech must be recorded (again, arrangements for recording the speech are the responsibility of the student speaker), and the original recording must be provided the instructor by the next regularly scheduled class period.

Providing the instructor the recording assumes its critique by the instructor for the assignment grade and its viewing by the class for discussion, just as is the case for in-class speeches for assignment credit.