French Open at DSC

FREN 1002 Elementary French II invites interested students and faculty/staff to participate in a “French Open at DSC” tennis tournament during the Spring 2012 semester.  The Women’s Final match will be Monday, March 26, and will begin promptly at 11 AM and last about an hour; the Men’s Final match, also on Monday, March 26, will follow the Women's Final and is scheduled to begin at 12 noon.and last about an hour.  We hope for a good turnout among the campus community to watch both finals, which will be played on the DSC tennis courts.

Play leading to the respective final matches will begin in mid-February, and will be based on the number of players participating and players’ available time during the weeks and weekends leading up to the finals.

To be paired for preliminary matches, contact Garrett Burgner with 1) your e-mail address and phone number(s);* 2) your self-rating (go to  to view a United States Tennis Association document that will help you understand how to give yourself a rating of 2.5 or higher); and 3) your available days and times to play during the weekdays and weekends leading up to our tournament finals week.

Preliminary play need not take place on the DSC courts if paired players, by mutual agreement, find it more convenient to play elsewhere.  A minimum of one set will constitute a match during preliminary play, although players are encouraged to play three-set matches to determine a winner. 

Please report match results to Garrett Burgner by the end of the day played so that future pairings can be made available as soon as possible.

*Providing your e-mail address and/or phone number(s) indicates your agreement that your contact information may be made available to any Dalton State College tournament participant.