READING  RGTR 0198 – REGENTS’ TESTING PROGRAM                               2-0-2

Spring 2007 – Section 30

Division of Humanities                                                                          

Dalton State College

Sharon L. Hixon



This class provides required remediation to (1) students who have failed the reading component of the Regents’ Test  at least two times and (2) students who have earned 45 degree credit hours and who have not passed (or taken) the reading comprehension portion of the Regents’ Test.



The objective of this course is to prepare students to pass the reading component of the RTP. 



1.  The student should have increased vocabulary skills, comprehension skills, and reading speed.


2.  After successfully completing Reading 0198, the student should be able to pass the reading comprehension portion of the RTP.




Students completing Reading 0198 toward any transfer degree should be able to:


1.   pass the reading component of the Regents' Testing Program (RTP);


2.   improve their vocabulary;


3.   remediate individual weaknesses through the use of independent activities geared to their specific needs;


4.   differentiate correctly the four major question types found on the Regents' Reading Test;


5.   improve their reading comprehension;


6.   improve their reading speed;


7.   analyze their answers on practice reading tests to explain the rationale for correct and incorrect answers;


8.   use reading efficiency, test-taking, and test-anxiety reduction strategies to improve their performance on practice reading tests;


9.      use self-reflection activities to assist them in analyzing their performance on practice Regents= Reading Tests.




No text is required.







1.  All students should check to make sure they are registered to take the reading portion of the RTP.


2.  All cell phones, beepers, and other electronic devices must be placed in the off position before entering the classroom.  These items interfere with the learning environment, and they are only permitted in rare emergency situations.  If a student needs to utilize such a device, then the instructor must provide approval in advance.




Students with disabilities are invited to contact the Academic and Career Enhancement (ACE) Center of Dalton State College to request reasonable accommodations for academic programs and other activities of Dalton State College.  Students are encouraged to contact the ACE Center as soon as possible and to make an appointment with Disability Support Services (DSS) staff to begin the process of qualifying for accommodations.  Professional documentation must be provided that explains and verifies the disability and resulting limitations before DSS Services and accommodations can be utilized.  Once documentation is provided, students must allow adequate time for assessment of documentation and implementation of approved accommodations.  For additional information, please contact:


Mary Andrews

ACE Center - Disability Support Services

Lower Level, Pope Student Center

650 College Drive, Dalton, GA  30720, 706-272-4429


Students who are unable to come to the ACE Center to request accommodations for

a disability, should call 706-272-4429.


Students who are unable to access the instructor’s office

should call the instructor at   (706) 272-2583 for assistance.



If a student receiving aid administered by the DSC Workforce Development Department drops this class or completely withdraws from College, the Schedule Adjustment Form must be taken to the Workforce Development office in Room 112 of the Technical Education building.  The Office is open on the following schedule:


Monday/Tuesday/Thursday  9 am to12:15 and 1:30 to 5 pm

Friday:  8 am to noon


Contact the office at 706-272-2635



AThe last day to drop this class without penalty is March 21, 2007.  You will be assigned

a grade of W.  After this date, withdrawal without penalty is permitted only in cases of extreme

hardship as determined by the Vice President for Academic Affairs; otherwise a grade of WF

will be issued.  Students who wish to drop this class or withdraw from all classes should go to

the Enrollment Services Office in Westcott Hall to complete the necessary form.  Students who

fail to complete the official drop/withdrawal procedure will receive the grade of F.  Withdrawal

from class is a student=s responsibility.  Before dropping any class, the College strongly

advises that students meet with their academic advisor and their instructor to discuss the impact

of a withdrawal on their graduation plans.  The College also strongly advises students who are

receiving any type of financial aid to visit the Financial Aid office in pope Student Center to

discuss the impact a withdrawal may have on their financial Aid status.  The grade of W counts

as hours attempted for the purposes of financial aid.@    




The class will meet one time per week for two hours and twenty minutes each session.


The student will complete at least one RTP reading test weekly and will also do other assignments designed to increase the student’s vocabulary, comprehension, and reading speed.



The student will be evaluated as follows:

                      70% --  practice RTP reading tests

                              This portion of your grade will be determined based on a point system.  It will

                               be possible to earn 1000 points.

                      30% -- independent class work, homework, and vocabulary


                                 This portion of your grade will be based on a point system.  There

                                  will be an opportunity to earn 300 points.






The student will earn a grade of S for satisfactory completion of the course and a passing score on the actual RTP.  In order to earn the S, students must achieve an average of 70% or higher in the course.   In other words, the student must earn a total of at least 910 points to pass the class.


The student will earn a grade of U for unsatisfactory work or a failing score on the actual RTP.  If a student earns the U for unsatisfactory work, then he/she may not take the RTP exam and must retake the course.   If a student earns the U for a failing grade on the actual RTP, then he/she must retake the course.




Attendance is not mandatory; however, students are strongly advised to attend every class.  Excessive absences can greatly affect a student=s chances for success.  When a student misses a class, he/she will miss instructions, demonstrations, group discussions, practice activities, or tests that are vital to the student=s progress in the class. 


Students will need to make-up any missed practice tests.




1.  Large and small group discussions

2.  Practice RTP exams

3.  Self-Analysis exercises

4.  Independent activities to address an individual’s weaknesses

5.  Workshops to address an individual’s weaknesses




Ms. Sharon Hixon

Office: LAB 232  

Phone : 272-2583        There is a voice mail system that operates 24 hours per day.

Office Hours:   Liberal Arts Building B Room 232

               (706) 272-2583        There is a voice mail system that operates 24 hours per day.


M/W    12:00 PM– 3:30 PM   (January 8, 2007 – March 2, 2007)

T/R        9:20 AM -10:50 AM    (All semester)

T            5:10 PM – 6:10 PM   (January 8, 2007 – March 20, 2007)


At a later date, an updated schedule for office hours will be posted for March 2007-April 2007.




If you use email, please include your class number on the subject line.  This will help with the recognition of important email messages.


Home Page: 


Secretary B Ms. Donna Hendrix B (706) 272-4403


General Toll-Free Number B 1-800-829-4436  -- If you use this number, you will need to ask to speak with Sharon Hixon.


Banner Access:        Click on gray box “DSC Connect – WebMail,Banner” located on the bottom left portion of the page.  Enter your user name and password.  Click on gray “Student” tab found on the top right hand portion of the page.  Click on “My Courses” to access all of your courses.  Click on the name of this course.  Click on “files” to access course materials.