HAWKINS                                     MATH 2181                                 FALL 2010


INSTRUCTOR:          Tim Hawkins

OFFICE:                     Sequoya 141 A

PHONE:                     706-272-2514

OFFICE HOURS:      See office door for posted hours, or by appointment



TEXT:             Applied Calculus for the Managerial, Life, and Social Sciences, 8th edition,

                        S. T. Tan, with Enhanced WebAssign.




College Algebra (MATH 1111) or Precalculus (MATH 1113)




The course will cover selected material in Chapters 1 through 6 of the text.  The topics emphasize the basic principles of descriptive and inferential statistics, types of variable distributions, and probability.




Student Learning Outcomes:          Upon completion of this course, the student should be able to:


Tests:  Four chapter tests will be given over the term along with a comprehensive final exam.  The Final Exam may replace your lowest test score.  The average of the four tests will represent 60% of the class grade.

Test 1     Chapter 1 & Chapter 2

Test 2     Chapter 3

Test 3     Chapter 4 & Chapter 5

Test 4     Chapter 6


Final Exam:    The Final Exam is a comprehensive exam that will represent 20% of the class grade.  The Final Exam is currently scheduled for:               

                                    Monday, December 13, 2010 (6:00 pm - 8:00 pm)


Quiz / Homework:  Homework will be assigned daily and discussed the following class period.  A weekly quiz will be given through WebAssign.  The lowest grade will be dropped.  The quiz average represents 20% of the class grade.


Final Grades:  The course grade will be based on the comprehensive final exam (20%), quiz average (20%), and class test average (60%). 


Text Box: Note:       If the Final Exam is better than your lowest test score, the Final Exam will replace that score.

                                 Grade Average                   Course Grade

                                                      90 - 100                                       A

                                                      80 - 89                                         B

                                                      70 - 79                                         C

                                                      60 - 69                                         D

                                                      Below 60                                     F







Attendance:    If you are absent from a class, you are responsible for all material covered and all announcements made.  No make-up tests will be given for any reason.  If you know that you will be out on a test date due to prior obligations, then you may make an appointment to take the test early.  If you are absent from a test, the final exam will replace your missed test score (final exam replaces lowest test score).  Only one missed test can be replaced; a second or third missed test will be given a grade of zero.


Honesty:         Every student is expected and required to do his or her own work in this course and all other courses at Dalton State College.  Any instances of cheating will result in a minimum penalty of dismissal from the course with a grade of F.


Visitors:          College policy allows only those students registered for a class to attend that class. You may not bring guests or children to class.


Etiquette:        Talking in class should be restricted solely to questions and comments pertaining to the material at hand and intended for me and the whole class to hear.  Using cellular phones, pagers, CD players, radios, and/or similar devices is prohibited in the classroom.


Math Lab:       The math lab will be available throughout the day for your assistance.  It is located in Sequoya, Room 155 and operating hours will be posted on the door.




The last day to drop this class without penalty is Friday, October 22, 2010. You will be assigned a grade of W.  After this date, withdrawal without penalty is permitted only in cases of extreme hardship as determined by the Vice President for Academic Affairs; otherwise a grade of WF will be issued.  The proper form for withdrawing from all classes at the college after the official drop/add period but before the published withdrawal date is the Schedule Adjustment Form.  Students who are assigned to the Academic Advising Center for advisement must meet with an advisor or staff member at the Academic Advising Center (107 Liberal Arts Building) to initiate the withdrawal process.  All other students must meet with a staff member or advisor at the Office of Academic Resources in the Pope Student Center to initiate the withdrawal process.  After meeting with the staff member or advisor, all students will then finalize the withdrawal process in the Financial Aid Office.  Students who fail to complete the official drop/withdrawal procedure will receive the grade of FWithdrawal from class is a student responsibility.  The grade of W counts as hours attempted for the purposes of financial aid.




If a student receiving aid administered by the DSC Workforce Development Department drops this class or completely withdraws from the College, the Schedule Adjustment Form must be taken to the Workforce Development Office located in Room 214 of the Technical Education Building. The Office is open on the following schedule:


Monday/Tuesday/Thursday:  9:00 a.m.-12:15 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Friday:  8:00 a.m.- 12:00 p.m.  The office phone number is 272-2635.




Students with disabilities or special needs are encouraged to contact Disability Support Services in Academic Resources.  In order to make an appointment to obtain information on the process of qualifying for accommodations, the student must contact the Coordinator of Disability Support Services. 


Contact information:

Andrea Roberson

Pope Student Center, Lower Level