What aid is available?

Georgia HOPE Programs

Federal Grants


Veteran Benefits

Campus Employment

Loan Programs

Georgia HOPE Programs

(Apply at www.gacollege411.org or with the FAFSA application.)

Helping Outstanding Pupils Educationally (HOPE) is funded by the Georgia Lottery for Education. To qualify, students must be Georgia residents for at least one year in some cases at least two years. For eligible students, HOPE pays a portion of tuition and nohting for fees. HOPE is awarded at Dalton State based upon the assumption of full-time enrollment and is adjusted based on the student's actual class schedule. You do not have to be a full-time student to receive HOPE. Visit our HOPE webpage for complete HOPE information.

Federal Grants (requires FAFSA)

The main Federal Grant program is the Pell Grant. Federal Grants are awarded to students with exceptional financial need. The Pell Grant amount is determined by the cost of attendance, the Expected Family Contribution calculated by the FAFSA processor, and the student's enrollment status. Initial Pell Grant offers are based on the full-time enrollment status and are adjusted based on the student's actual class schedule. Visit our grants webpage for complete information.


The Dalton State Foundation awards scholarships for first-time entering freshmen and returning students. Visit our scholarship page for additional information.

Veteran Benefits

Veteran Benefits and Veteran Dependent Benefits are available to qualified veterans and children of deceased or 100% disabled veterans. Applications are available in the Financial Aid Office. The Dalton State Veteran Enrollment Form must be completed each semester. Visit our Veterans page for additional information.

Campus Employment (requires FAFSA)

A limited number of student jobs are available on campus, with work schedules planned around student class schedules. Wages are paid directly to the student on a bi-weekly basis. Students usually work up to 19 hours per week, and starting pay is $7.25 per hour. Eligibility is determined by the Dalton State Financial Aid Office based upon a completed FAFSA and a Campus Employment Application. Student workers are not eligible for unemployment compensation or other employee benefits.

Student Loans (requires FAFSA)

Students enrolled at last half-time (6 hours) in programs eligible for federal aid may borrow low-interest Student Loans: 1) Subsidized - for students with financial need. The federal government pays the interest while the student is enrolled at least half-time and during the six-month grace period. For loans made after July 1, 2010, the interest rate on the Subsidized Student Loan is 4.5%; 2) Unsubsidized - the student pays the interest while in school and during the six-month grace period, or requests that the interest be added to the balance of the loan. The Unsubsidized Student Loan interest rate is 6.8. For more information and application instructions, visit our student loans webpage.

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