Campus Connection and Resources

Academic Resources
Located: Lower Pope Student Center
 Contact: 706-272-4429

Academic Resources promotes engagement, achievement, and lifelong learning by supporting and encouraging student exploration in academics, career, and self. AR is committed to working collaboratively with, fostering communication in, and serving as a resource for all facets of the college and appropriate areas of the community. The Department consciously strives to blend Academic Affairs with Student and Enrollment Services in an effort to holistically provide our students with skills and opportunity for success. AR will frequently assess our practices and policies and act on the findings to adapt programs and services accordingly to serve an ever changing campus environment and student population.



Academic Advising Center
          Located: LIA 107

Contact: 706-272-2643


The Academic Advising Center, located in Room 107 of the Lorberbaum Liberal Arts Building (LIA), advises all General Studies majors and new degree seeking students during their first 15 credit hours and until they have exited all required learning support courses. The Advising Center also advises certificate students and transfer students with two or more learning support requirements. The Advising Center is staffed with a combination of fulltime professional advisors and faculty advisors.

The Advising Center provides the students’ first contact with the College after acceptance to Dalton State. In addition to course selection and registration, advisors help students adjust to the college experience by explaining college expectations and policies, checking the students’ academic progress and referring them to available resources. When students have exited any required learning support classes and have earned approximately 15 credit hours, they are moved to faculty advisors in their majors. General Studies majors remain with the Advising Center as long as they are General Studies majors.



Counseling and Career Services
            Located: Lower Pope Student Center
 Contact: 706-272-4429


Counseling and Career Services, housed under Academic Resources, provides students a variety of services including personal, career, and academic counseling, personal enrichment workshops, and employment resources. In addition, the staff is involved in outreach programming and consultative services to the campus community. Counseling and Career Services is located in Pope Student Center.



Disability Support Services
Located: Lower Pope Student Center
 Contact: 706-272-2524


Dalton State College serves students with disabilities fully and completely. Our institution provides equal access for all students to programs, facilities, and services of the college. It is the student’s responsibility to voluntarily self-disclose a disability to the Disability Support Services office in order to apply for reasonable accommodations. Students are also responsible to apply in a timely manner and to follow the process established by the college which includes the following steps:

1. Contact Disability Support Services in Academic Resources for an appointment to discuss the process, including self-disclosing a disability and requesting accommodations.

2. Provide professional documentation the meets the University system of

Georgia/Board of Regents guidelines. Http://

3. Allow time to determine eligibility for services and for accommodations to be implemented. The Disability Support Services office is located in the Lower Level of the Pope Student Center in the Academic Resources Department.



Freshman Year Experience (FYES1000) 
Located: Lower Pope Student Center
 Contact: 706-272-4573


FYES 1000 is a two credit, institutional requirement course for all first-time, fulltime students. The Program’s intent is to create communities of learning which assist new students as they transition to college. Please see Academic Resources website for more information.



Peer Instruction

          Located: Lower Pope Student Center
 Contact: 706-272-4573


Peer instruction is available in the form of group and individual tutoring, and is available for many courses.



Testing Center

Located: Room 103 of the Lorberbaum Liberal Arts Building
Contact: 706-272-2606


• Responsible for the coordination of all standardized testing on campus

• Administers tests with accommodations for students with disabilities.


Financial Aid

          Located: Lower Pope Student Center

            Contact: 706-272-4545

Financial Aid is available for students who qualify. All students are encouraged to apply for financial aid as there are many sources available.



Student Center 

The Pope Student Center building houses the offices of Academic Resources (which includes career and academic support services) and Student Activities. It also houses the Bookstore, the game room, and Food Services. The Student Center provides students the opportunity to relax, purchase meals, buy supplies from the bookstore, and read the bulletin boards for the latest information on student activities, news and events around campus. The game room offers additional recreational options through video games, pool tables, and ping pong tables. Game equipment is available in the Office of Student Activities. Computers and photocopy services are available in the lower level of the Student Center. Cultural programs and other entertainment events are also held in the Student Center.



Food Service

                Located: Upper Pope Student Center


The “Skylight Cafe” is open Monday -Thursday 7:15 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., and Friday and Summer term from 7:15 a.m.-1:30 p.m. Food Service offers breakfast, lunch, and snacks.




          Located: Upper Pope Student Center


The Bookstore is open Monday -Thursday 7:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. and Friday 8:00a.m. - 1:30 p.m. Services include: textbook sales, textbook buy-back, best-sellers, reference materials, sundries, faxing, and postage.



          Located: Between Wescott and Sequoia Hall

            Contact: 706-272-4527

With an extensive collection of books, eBooks, and online journals, Robert’s Library is a valuable resource to all students. The Learning Commons provides free printing to students, and a validated Student ID Card is required.


Main semester hours are:

Monday-Thursday 7:30 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.

Friday 7:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Saturday 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Sunday 1:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.






The Bandy Gymnasium provides health and physical education facilities for scheduled activities and informal recreation. The facility includes a heated, indoor swimming pool, basketball courts, weight room, locker rooms, and classrooms.



Student Housing


A student must be enrolled in at least nine semester hours in order to be eligible to live on-campus.

The application form is available upon request from the Office of

Residence Life or on the DSC website






          Located: Upper Pope Student Center

            Contact: 706-272-4428

Dalton State College has a full program of co-curricular activities which is administered through the office of the Director of Student Activities. This program is largely promoted by the Student Activities Office through the Student Activities Council and Fine Arts/Lecture Committee, in cooperation with the faculty. Committees approved by the Student Activities Council are assigned certain functions to assist in the presentation of a well-rounded program. The major emphasis with all activities at Dalton State College is “Balanced Programming.”


Below is a list of all Registered Student Organizations as of the start of Fall 2009

Accounting Club

Art Club

Baptist Collegiate Ministries

Business Networking Club

Business Office Professionals



Chemist Society

College Bowl

College Republicans

Conservative Student Organization

Criminal Justice Society

D.I.R.T. - Drafters in Rigorous Training

Environmental Club

Future Educators

G.A.P. - Growth, Awareness, and


Glad Rag Drama Society

History Club

Kappa Delta Pi

Literary Reading Club

LPN Club

Medical Laboratory Technician

Music Club

Northwest Crescent Leadership


Phi Alpha

Phi Theta Kappa

Pre-Health Professionals Club

Presidents’ Council

Radiologic Technology Club

Respiratory Therapy Club

RN Club

S.A.F.E. - Students Advocating for


Sigma Beta Delta

SOAR Leaders

Social Work Club

Spanish Club

Student Georgia Association of


Student Newspaper

Students United for Peace

Tributaries Literary Magazine

Young Democrats



Civic Engagement and Service Learning

                Located: Upper Pope Student Center

            Contact: 706-272-2592

Civic Engagement and Service Learning is operated through the Office of Student Activities and is available to students, faculty, staff and the community. Civic Engagement and Service Learning combines service and learning objectives with the goal of enrichment for both the recipient and provider of service. Student involvement in Civic Engagement and Service Learning enhances a student’s academic experience through real life experiences beyond the classroom.

The goals of the office are:

1. To make students aware of the needs in their community

2. To connect with local agencies

3. To promote DCS and its students to the surrounding area

4. To provide an opportunity for DSC students to use skills and knowledge

acquired through the classroom in real-life situations.