Self-Study Manual

Table of Contents

Self-Study Plan:

Purpose and Goals

Leadership and Committee Structure

Responsibilities of Director/Steering Committee Chair

Institutional Resources to Support the Self-Study



Committee Membership and Selection Method

Guidelines for Data Collection and Evaluation

Plan for Implementation of Recommendations Contained within the Self-Study Report


Responsibilities of the Office of Institutional Research

Responsibilities of the Steering Committee

Responsibilities of the Principal Committees

Editorial Guidelines


Members of the University System of Georgia Board of Regents

Board of Regents Central Office Personnel

Dalton State College Organization Table

DSC InfoDigest: "Quick Facts 2000-2001"

Document Inventory:

List of documents which may be needed or helpful and their likely locations

Draft Reports and Communication:

Development and Distribution of Draft Reports

Network Communication within and between Principal Committees and Others

Data Collection and Evaluation:

General Guidelines for Data Collection and Evaluation

Checklist for Committee Reports

SACS Self-Study Data Analysis and Evaluation Procedure (Flow Chart)

SACS Resources:

SACS Publications and Self-Study Documents from Other Institutions

Self-Study Forms