Dalton State Policy on Reinstatements to Status

The department of International Student Enrollment assists students who need to reinstate to F-1 status. Even though Dalton State will assist with the reinstatement, it is the student’s responsibility to insure that any petition for reinstatement is complete, accurate, and timely. You must apply for reinstatement within 5 months of falling out of status.

Please note: Dalton State will not assist students with a reinstatement to status unless the student is currently registered at Dalton State for at least 12 semester credit hours.

The student must be able to do the following:

  • Establish to the satisfaction to the USCIS that the violation of status resulted from circumstances beyond the student’s control, or that failure to receive reinstatement to lawful F-1 status would result in extreme hardship to the student, and
  • Is currently pursuing a full course of study at the school which issued form I-20, and
  • Has not engaged in unauthorized employment, and Is not deportable on any ground other than section 242(a)(1)(b) or (c)(1) of the Act [overstaying or failing to maintain status], and
  • Has not been out of status more than 5 months
  • In general, the following requirements exist for a Reinstatement
    • Current full-time enrollment Dalton State College – at least 12 credit hours.

Successful compilation of the requirements for reinstatement:

  • A written statement requesting reinstatement and explaining the reason why the student fell out of status
  • A check or money order in the amount of $ 300.00, payable to “US Department of Homeland Security”.”
  • A photocopy of the student’s last I-20
  • A copy of the student’s passport main ID (biographical) page and current visa
  • The student’s original I-94 card (original must be sent to US DHS)
  • An official academic transcript from each US school attended since the last entry into the US
  • Current financial documentation (originals, no photocopies or faxes) showing at least $ 25,000 available to the student or student’s sponsor, and
    • For students with US citizen or Permanent Residents as sponsor, a completed and notarized I-134 Affidavit of Support
    • For students with non-US citizen or non-Permanent Residents as sponsor, a completed Dalton State College Financial Certificate
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