The following is required for a complete file. Only complete files will be reviewed for acceptance to the Practical Nursing Program (pre-requisites may be in progress, therefore acceptance in program will be dependent upon successful completion of pre-requisites).

  1. Official acceptance to Dalton State College and completion of SAT, ACT, Compass Exam.
  2. Completion of the LPN program application.
  3. PSB entrance exam.
  4. Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5. Pre-requisites (grades of "C' or higher) including electives:
ALHT 1110 + ALHT 1111 Allied Health Terminology I + Allied Health Terminology II
BIOL 1100 Human Biology
ENGL 1100 or ENGL 1101 Communication Skills or English Composition I
MATH 1104 Applied Mathematics
READ 1100 or ENGL 1102 Reading Skills or English Composition II
CAPS 1101 Introduction to Computers
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