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Math Problem of the Week!

Solutions to each problem are due the Tuesday after the problem is posted, at 4:00 PM. You can either send a solution by email to jschmurr@daltonstate.edu, or you can deliver your solution in person to Janet Vetter, Secretary for the School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics!

CONTEST NEWS: This term, two $50 prizes will be offered to solvers! One prize will go to the person with the most correct solutions, and the other prize will go to a random person (other than the first person) who submitted a correct answer. This will be done in a raffle format, where each correct answer is one ticket in the raffle. Only Dalton State students are eligible to win prizes, but anyone can gain fame and glory on the solver list!


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Hanging Problem     Hanging Challenge  
Liquid Problem     Liquid Challenge  
Knot Problem     Knot Challenge  
Canoe Problem      Rainbow Challenge   
Calculation Problem     Calculation Challenge  
Prisoner Problem     Prisoner Challenge