Faculty and Staff

Position or Title

Email: Office Number: Phone Number:
(area code 706)
Adams, James
Professor of Biology
jadams Sequoya Hall 148 272-4427
Allota, Paula
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
pallotta Peeples Hall 305F 272-2163
Blair, Samantha
Assistant Professor of Physics
sblair1 Sequoya Hall 144 272-4582
Burran, Susan
Assistant Professor of Biology
sburran Sequoya Hall 230 272-2490
Chenoweth, Matthew
Associate Professor of Biology
mchenoweth Peeples Hall 218 272-2507
Collison, Richard
Associate Professor of Chemistry
rcollison Peeples Hall 305A 272-4449
Cooley, Emma
Associate Professor of Physics
ecooley Sequoya Hall 128 272-2574
DesRochers, David
Assistant Professor of Biology
ddesrochers Peeples Hall 224 272-2165
Dunbar, Kerry
Interim Chair, Department of Natural Sciences;
Professor of Biology
kdunbar Sequoya Hall 141G 272-2484
Fink, Charles
Assistant Professor of Biology
cfink Peeples Hall 235 272-4520
Griffus, Randall
Dean, School of Science, Technology, and Mathematics;
Professor of Mathematics
rgriffus Peeples Hall 305D 272-2509
Hays, Kimberly
Assistant Professor of Biology
khays Peeples Hall 222 272-2581
Howell, Leah
Assistant Professor of Biology
lhowell Sequoya Hall 227 272-2575
Humphrey, Celeste
Associate Professor of Biology
chumphrey Sequoya Hall 138 272-4451
Johnson, Jean
Associate Professor of Earth Science
jmjohnson Sequoya Hall S 233 272-2666
Kay, April
Assistant Professor of Biology
akay Peeples Hall 217 272-2669
Kertulis-Tartar, Gina M.
Dean, School of Health Professions
Associate Professor of Biology
gkertulistartar Sequoya Hall 127 D 272-4516
Key, Sarah
Administrative Assistant
skey Peeples Hall 3rd Floor Reception 272-4556
Lucht, Elizabeth
Assistant Professor of Biology
elucht Peeples Hall 213 272-4460
Lugthart, John
Professor of Biology
jlugthart Sequoya Hall 141D 272-2485
Mesco, Gene
Associate Professor of Biology
gmesco Peeples Hall 233 272-4497
Meyer, Andy
Assistant Vice President of Academic Affairs
Professor of Biology
ameyer Westcott 166 272-2491
McKie-Voerste, Annabelle
Instructor in Biology
amckie Sequoya Hall 229 272-2487
Peppers, Joshua
Biology Lab Coordinator
jpepper1 Sequoya Hall 214 272-4457
Scott, Tricia
Associate Professor of Chemistry
tscott Peeples Hall 305B 272-2494
Smith, Amanda
Science Lab Coordinator
asmith Peeples Hall 234 272-4612
Smitherman, Marina
Associate Professor of Biology
msmitherman Peeples Hall 305C 272-2522
Turner, Dean
Professor of Chemistry
dturner Peeples Hall 305E 272-4487
Wozny, Christopher
Temporary Associate Professor of Chemistry
cwozny Peeples Hall 228 272-2170
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