ASN Application & Admission Requirements

The online application for the Fall 2015 nursing class closed February 1, 2015. Class selection will take place during February and March. All students that applied to the program will receive a mailed letter by Monday, March 30, 2015 notifying you of your status in the class.


The online application for the Fall 2016 nursing class will open on December 1, 2015 and remain open until February 1, 2016. Thank you for considering the Associate Degree Nursing program at Dalton State College. If you need further information, please contact Cheryl Nuckolls (

Application for Admission Requirements
Department of Associate Degree Nursing
Dalton State College

Students must have been accepted to the college and/or declared nursing as their major by the end of the calendar year (December 31) to be eligible for class consideration.

  1. Admission to Dalton State College and exit (or exempt) all areas of Learning Support.
  2. High school graduate or G.E.D. equivalent.
  3. SAT, ACT, or Compass scores for placement into one of the following plans designed to meet the needs of persons with varying capacities and backgrounds:
    • a. Plan I: total SAT 970 or above, or ACT composite 21 or above, or Bachelor’s degree, or for non-traditional students (those without SAT or ACT scores) test scores above exit scores in all learning support areas. Students shall complete Biology 2212, Math 1111, and English 1101 (10 hours) prior to consideration for admission to the nursing sequence.
    • b. Plan II: total SAT 870-960, or ACT composite 19-20 or for non-traditional students test score above the exit score in two learning support areas. Students shall complete Biology 2212, 2213, Math 1111, English 1101, and Psychology 1101 (17 hours) prior to consideration for admission to the nursing sequence.
    • c. Plan III: SAT 860 or below, or composite below 19 on ACT, or for non-traditional students tests above the exit score in one or none of learning support areas. Students shall complete Biology 2212, 2213, 2215, Math 1111, English 1101, Psychology 1101, and one other general education course (24 hours) prior to consideration for admission to the nursing sequence.

      Because the nursing program is time consuming and challenging with both theoretical and clinical components, students are encouraged to complete as many of the general education requirements as possible before entering the nursing sequence. Most of the nursing courses have one to two, full day clinical components as well that make it difficult to schedule other classes around except in the evenings. It is also highly recommended that Biology 2212, 2213, and 2215 be completed before entering the nursing sequence.
  4. Non-traditional students will be placed in a plan based on Compass scores.
  5. Students with a Bachelor’s degree or higher will be placed in Plan I.

Initial selection of each class will be made after the fall semester. The GPA must remain at 2.75 or better to retain a place in the class. On a space available basis, further selections may be made following spring and summer semesters. Students selected will begin nursing courses the next fall semester. For admission and retention in the nursing program, each student must meet stated performance standards. To obtain a copy of these standards, contact the Associate Degree Nursing Department. Former nursing students desiring to re-enter the nursing sequence and transfer students will be considered on a space available basis and MUST meet the current catalog requirements. Students withdrawing from the nursing sequence must notify the Department of Nursing Administrative Assistant at withdrawal to be eligible for re-entry into the program.

Selection Criteria

  1. SAT, ACT or Compass scores.
  2. Completion of courses in the applicable plan (I, II, III).
  3. Dalton State College G.P.A. of 2.75 or better. If Dalton State College grades are 2.75 or better, transfer grades will be included using the HOPE GPA. The HOPE GPA will be used for ranking purposes. The overall GPA must be at least 2.75.
  4. Completion of the Associate Degree Nursing Application (found on the Associate Degree Nursing Department web page on the DSC web site) between November 1 - February 1 annually.
  5. Number of applicable hours toward the nursing degree.
  6. 60th percentile overall with no less than the 50th percentile in Math, Verbal, and Science on the Pre-Admission Examination (PAX) RN. The Composite score is used in the selection criteria. Only two attempts will be allowed for consideration into the nursing sequence. Scores must be obtained by the end of the calendar year (December 31).
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