Note: Setting up your smartphone to connect to your new Exchange (Outlook) account should be relatively easy. However, every phone is difference so exact steps are not included here:

Steps to follow:

  1. You will need to delete the old DSConnect email from your phone first if one exist.
  2. Now add an account by going into your phone settings then mail accounts. Choose the account type which should be either: Microsoft Exchange or just Exchange or Corporate.
  3. The server information is:
  4. If your phone prompts for the domain, enter DALTONSTATE in all caps with no spaces.
  5. If your phone does prompt for a domain then when it asks for your username - enter your username as follows DALTONSTATE\jdoe
  6. If your phone does not require the domain then you do not have to enter it.
  7. When prompted for your email - enter your full email address (i.e.


If you need additional assistance email the HelpDesk at or call 706-272-2611