Accident Procedures

The following procedures are recommended in case of any accident of emergency situations relating to health on the Dalton State College campus.  In case of minor cuts, scratches, etc.’ first aid kits have been placed in the following locations:


  • Office


  • Pool
  • Next to Weight Room

Liberal Arts

  • Faculty Lounge, 2nd Floor


  • Front Desk
  • Student Break Area
  • Library Break Room

Maintenance Building

  • Warehouse


  • Human Resource Office


  • Rooms 153,203,206,219,222

Student Center

  • Cafeteria
  • Bookstore

Technical Education Building

  • Electronics Shop
  • Public Safety Office
  • Drafting Lab
  • Technical Administrative Office


  • Enrollment Services Office
  • Business Office Break Area

A first aid room is located in the gym is such a facility is required.

In case of an accident of a more serious nature; faculty, staff, and students are requested

  • Not to move the patient
  • To notify the Department of Public Safety at Ext. 4461 immediately

The Public Safety Officers will then make a determination of the best course of action regarding the patient’s health and safety.

An appropriate accident/incident report must be completed and filed with the Director of Public Safety.  These reports are for record keeping and verification.

Individuals requiring medical attention must defray their own expenses

It is recommended that each faculty member at the beginning of each term give students a chance to inform the faculty member, in confidence, of any medical problem such as seizures, for example, that may affect the student in class.

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