What do I do in case there is a Crime in Progress?

  1. Do not attempt to interfere with the criminal except in case of self protection.
  2. If safe to do so, get a good description of the criminal. Note height, weight, sex, color, approximate age, clothing, method and direction of travel, and name if known. If a vehicle is involved, obtain the license number, make and model, color, and outstanding characteristics if possible.
  3. Call Public Safety at ext. 4461. Give you name, department and location of the crime. Advise of the current situation and remain at your location until you are contacted by an officer if safe to do so.
  4. In the event of civil disturbance, continue with your normal routine as much as possible. If the disturbance is outside, stay away from doors and windows.
  5. Do not interfere with people creating the disturbance, or with law enforcement authorities on the scene.