Furniture Relocation Checklist
  1. Schedule with OCIS (2611) for the removal of your computer and after the furniture is installed the placement of the computer back in your office. (Printers, scanners, fax machines and any other computer related products also fall into this same schedule)
  2. Schedule the removal of the old furniture with Penny Cordell (4498) in our surplus area. She will need several days of advance warning to get a crew to help with the large renovation projects. If you want to have the carpet cleaned before the furniture is installed, that will need to be arranged with Marie Brown (4534). Please note that carpet cleaning needs to be done at least 2 days before the furniture is installed in order for it to dry properly. You would also need additional time if your office was in need of repainting (call Jack Reynolds, 4456).
  3. You will need to box up everything that is in your file cabinets, bookcases, desk drawers and on top of any of your work area. You will need to take down items off your walls and have the room completely clear for the furniture installing crew. All of your furniture must me empty before Stacy can move that to our surplus area. Boxes will need to be taped flat and marked with your name and room number. A area close to your office for storage of these boxes needs to be designated.
  4. Because of the time away from your office, arrangements need to be made by your department head or supervisor for your computer needs and area for work . Time must be allowed for moving everything out of your office, the installation of your new furniture and the move of items back into your new office.
  5. If your phone needs to be relocated please contact Brenda McMurray at 2190.


Remember that Murphy’s Law is always a factor and despite the best-laid plans of everyone concerned, circumstances beyond anyone’s control can create unexpected problems in a move

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