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 Any time there is questionable ability to perform physically or emotionally, further examination is required.  A FCE (Functional Capacity Exam) by an IME (Independent Medical Examiner) is required or a psychiatric exam if appropriate.

  1. Physical Examination and Drug Screening: PRIOR TO ENROLLING IN THE FIRST RADIOLOGIC COURSE AT DALTON STATE COLLEGE each student must provide documentation of a physical examination and drug screening.  The physical may be completed by a physician, licensed family nurse practitioner, or physician’s assistant (countersigned by a physician).  The physical examination report must have been completed within 2 months of the first day of the program.  The drug screen test (9-panel type) will be scheduled for the student at a prescribed facility as designated by program faculty and must be completed within 1 month of the starting date of Summer Semester.  Both examination costs are the responsibility of the student.
  2. Prescribed Medications:  Any student taking prescribed medicine or any over-the-counter mind/mood altering drug must disclose the situation to the Program Director.  Program attendance is prohibited for any student taking Type II Narcotics or any type of drug that induces sleep, anxiety, mood altering, or any behavior change from the considered normal state.
  3. Immunizations*:  All program applicants must be fully accepted into Dalton State College prior to enrolling in the program.  Such College acceptance includes a form for proof of immunization for:
    • MMR
    • Measles
    • Mumps
    • Rubella
    • Influenza
      * In cases of pregnancy or suspected pregnancy, immunizations may be deferred.  College Admissions
      is responsible for immunization evaluations.
  4. Other Health Tests Required at the expense to the student:
      • Annual Tuberculin Skin Test (Exception:  documentation of previous positive TB skin test, in which case the student must submit evidence of a chest x-ray).
      • Hepatitis B vaccine series or wavier signed.
      • Drug screening.
    • Pregnancy Policy
          • Should a student become pregnant while enrolled in the radiologic technology program she has the right to “Declare” her pregnancy to the program faculty or remain “Undeclared”. 
          • A “declared” pregnant student chooses to voluntarily inform (in writing) program officials of her pregnancy to include the expected date of delivery. 
          • A declared pregnant student will have the option of continuing the educational program without modification or interruption, or take a leave of absence from clinical and class assignments or withdrawing the declaration. 
          • A “Declared Pregnant Student Statement” form must be completed by the student if she declares her pregnancy.  Found at the end of this policy.
          • All leave time and assignments must be made-up prior to graduation from the program. 
          • The student has the option of purchasing a second radiation dosimeter to monitor the radiation levels of the fetus. 
          • No clinical rotational changes are necessary for a pregnancy.  The student will be allowed to actively participate in all routine aspects of program activities (clinical and class).  The student will utilize the ALARA radiation protection principles as required by all enrolled radiologic technology students.
          • For program re-entry, the student must follow the established program Reinstatement Policy procedures.
          • The Declared Pregnant student has the right withdraw the declaration at any time.
          • The program follows the recommendations for a pregnant student or staff as established by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC).
          • Should a student’s behavior or actions be suspect for drug or alcohol usage while on program duty (clinical and/or class time), the student will be required to have a blood test at a prescribed laboratory at the cost of the student.  Should such a test be positive, the student is immediately dismissed from the Program.  See Substance Abuse and Testing Policy in student handbook for further details.
          • Limitations:  Any condition which might limit the student’s ability to meet course objectives, jeopardize the student’s health, or jeopardize the health of others must be reported to the clinical coordinator.  Such occurrences will require a medical release.
          • In addition to the above health requirements, all students must have a current/valid CPR card for the entire length of the program.
          • Prior to Admission Clinical Apprenticeship:  9-panel drug screen
            • Accepted Student: 9-panel drug screen, physician’s health physical, TB skin Test, liability insurance
            • Beginning Second Year: 9-panel drug screen, physician’s health physical, TB skin Test, liability insurance
          • Some clinical sites may require that a tobacco screening test be required for students rotating through their facility. Should such a test be required, it will be the responsibility of the student to pay for the test.
          • Students are reminded that smoking and/or use of any tobacco products is prohibited on both the college campus and clinical site’s campuses.



TO:      Director, Radiologic Technology Program

In accordance with current Federal and State regulations, I wish to declare that I am pregnant.  My estimated date of conception was __________________________.

In making this declaration, I wish to be afforded the protection which is specified under the Radiography Program policy "Pregnant Radiography Student" which Specifies that the unborn child shall not receive in excess of 500 millirems during the term of the pregnancy. 

I understand that if records show that the unborn child has received 450 millirems or greater at the time of this declaration, the unborn child is permitted to receive an additional dose of no more than 50 millirem during the term of the pregnancy.  

I understand that I have the option of continuing my educational program without modification or interruption or take a leave of absence from class and clinical assignments with time/classwork to be made up.

I understand that no clinical rotational changes are necessary for my pregnancy.

I understand that any time missed over my allotted personal days will have to be made-up in accordance to program policies. 

I understand that I have the option of purchasing a second radiation dosimeter to wear at the level of the fetus for the remainder of the pregnancy.

I understand that I can withdraw my declaration at any time.

I understand that signing this declaration is totally voluntary.


 _________________                  ___________________    ________________
(Date of Declaration)                   (Signature of Student)       (Social Security #)




_____________________________            ________________
(Signature of Director)                                    (Date)


Revised/Reviewed 1/2014 (SD West)


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