Adding, Dropping, or Changing Classes

Students may add classes to their schedule themselves if they have approval from their advisor to do so. Students dropping courses via the web after the initial add/drop period has ended will receive a grade of “W”.

Students who do not have permission to adjust their schedule themselves must turn in a signed Schedule Adjustment Form to the Office of Enrollment Services. Additions to class schedules are not permitted after the first three days of the term. If a course is officially dropped by the published drop date, the student will receive a grade of “W.” If a student drops a course without official approval or after the published drop date, a grade of “WF” is recorded. If a student ceases to attend a course without officially dropping, a grade of “F” is recorded. The official and effective date of any change in schedule is that on which the change is initiated.

Students receiving financial aid should be aware that for financial aid purposes, enrollment status is determined at the end of the drop/add period at the beginning of an A Session. A student receiving financial aid may owe money back to a financial aid program if his or her enrollment status changes after that point in time, as, for example, when a student drops a course, or a course is cancelled and a 100% tuition refund is made.


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