Enrollment Degree Verification

Dalton State College has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to act as our agent for all verifications of student enrollment and degrees awarded. Please visit the Clearinghouse online at www.studentclearinghouse.org or contact them by phone at (703)742-4200.

Typically, because of file submission by the College and processing by Clearinghouse, there is a two-week delay after the beginning of the semester before Clearinghouse will be able to perform their service. In the interim, the Office of the Registrar and off-campus offices can accommodate emergency verification requests, but only after classes have begun and the Add/Drop (Schedule Adjustment) period is over.

Free Enrollment Verification for Students:

Students may obtain free 24/7 enrollment verification service from the Clearinghouse by logging on to their student accounts on DSConnect and clicking the NSLC Online Enrollment Verification link.

How to Obtain Your Student Enrollment Verification Certificate on-line 24/7:

Students can obtain a free official Enrollment Verification Certificate from the National Clearinghouse through their Banner-Web account at http://mydsc.daltonstate.edu/cp/home/loginf as follows:

  1. Logon to Banner-Web using your User name and password.
  2. Click on NSLC Online Enrollment Verification.
  3. Click on Online Enrollment Verification again.
  4. Click Obtain an enrollment certificate.
  5. Print your enrollment verification certificate.
  • Remember, you can only receive a free Enrollment Verification through Banner-Web. Otherwise, you will have to pay a nominal charge ($2.50) using a credit card at the Clearinghouse Web site.
  • The Enrollment Verification Certificate can be presented to health insurance agencies, consumer product companies, banks, etc., when asked to provide official evidence of enrollment at Dalton State College. If you experience any problems with this service, please be sure to notify the Registrar's Office.
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