Closing Accounts, Refunds & Returns

Upon complete withdrawal or graduation from Dalton State, the cardholder may request his/her account be closed. The request must be in writing to the Roadrunner Card & Business Center.

The Roadrunner Card & Business Center reserves the right to close any account that has been inactive for a period of twelve months.
All cardholders are encouraged to exhaust all funds on their card.  Refunds will not be granted for any reason except for withdrawal from Dalton State or graduation, at which point the amount will be credited to the DS Refund Card. 

A refund for remaining balance less a $10.00 processing fee may be applied for at the Roadrunner Card & Business Center by completing a Refund Request Form. No refunds will be issued for account balances of $10.00 or less in value.  If you are a student, proof of graduation or withdrawal from the College is required.  Refunds will be issued to the DS Refund Card from the Bursar’s Office after ten (10) business days of the request.

All debts on the cardholder’s Student Account in the Bursar’s Office must be satisfied prior to a refund being processed. Any negative Roadrunner Card account balances will be charged to the cardholder’s Student Account, or billed directly to the cardholder.

When an employee terminates his/her employment with Dalton State, the Roadrunner Card should be returned to the Roadrunner Card & Business Center. The Office of Human Resources will notify the Roadrunner Card & Business Center of all employee resignations and terminations. If a negative balance exists for an existing employee, the balance must be paid before the employment exit process can be completed. If a positive balance exists for an existing employee, the same refund policy must be followed (mentioned above) with the exception that balances will be refunded back to the individual by way of check.

Merchandise purchased with the Roadrunner Card will be accepted for return according to the refund policy in force where the goods and services were purchased.  Credit will be issued to the appropriate Roadrunner Card fund if the return meets the return policy.  Cash refunds will not be made for purchases with the Roadrunner Card.

Refunds toward prints or copies will only be issued for bad prints resulting from mechanical or equipment failure such as smeared toner, extremely light print or partially printed pages, or paper jams which cause damage to the page. User errors such as sending a black and white job to a color printer or printing multiple copies of a page will not be eligible for refunds.

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