College Level Examination Program

Before taking a CLEP Exam, make sure you can get credit. Click here to read Dalton State's Credit by Exam policy.

What is CLEP?

CLEP offers exams to help students satisfy prerequisites for degree programs with just one exam per subject. No class meetings. No homework. No projects. All that one must do is simply study, apply, pay, and take the exam. There is no limit to the number of courses that one can take. Students are interested in credit-by-exam for many reasons. Some are trying to stay on track for graduation. Others desire to complete more courses in the program of study or to double major. High school Advanced Placement students can use the CLEP program to avoid retaking a particular course when they get to college. Finally, students on a shoe string budget elect to take CLEP exams to help keep the cost of college down.                           For a list of the exams offered click here.

How do I prepare?

Should I take CLEP? Well, that all depends. Students are discouraged from attempting exams for subjects that they may not be academically proficient in. Content in exams is equal that of what is covered in the average college course of that subject. So, if you are thinking of attempting a CLEP exam, hit the books. The only method to ensure success is to study. To assist in preparation, the Roberts Library has on reserve the CLEP Official Study Guide, 17th edition. Additional resources can be purchased for download from the CollegeBoard web site. However, the CollegeBoard is not the only source for study materials. Many successful test takers have reported using REA, Cliffs Notes AP, Comex Systems or Kaplan study guides to help them prepare. Most study guides can be purchased in text book format or downloaded.

How much does it cost?

A $105.00 exam and proctoring fee is due no later than the day of the exam.  $80.00 is the charge for the CLEP Exam and must be paid directly to collegeboard through the "My Accounts" link on the website. There is a $25.00 proctoring fee, cash or check only, that should be paid in the Business Office prior to coming to take your CLEP Exam. You will need to provide a copy of your receipt when you come to take your exam. Please note: For exams requiring an essay, there is an additional $10.00 fee instituted by the CollegeBoard. Essay exams must be scheduled no less than two weeks prior to ensure delivery.

**Beginning July 1, 2015 the CLEP proctor fee will be $25.**

If you need help finding out what to do to get a test ticket, click here.

How can I Register?

Administration of CLEP exams require an appointment and are administered on specific days. The CLEP Testing Lab is located in the Liberal Arts Building, room 103. The lab features four computers equipped for CLEP testing. Reservations are awarded on a first come, first serve basis.

For additional CLEP information visit the collegeboard website at

Reservation, click here

What courses will Dalton State give me credit for?

CLEP Test Dalton State Credit Dalton State Minimum Passing Score Credit Hours Awarded
 Principles of Microeconomics ECON 2106 55 3
 Financial Accounting ACCT 2101 ACCT 2102 55 6
 College Composition w/Essay ENGL 1101 50 w/ passing Essay 3
 English Literature ENGL 2120 55 3
 American Literature ENGL 2131 55 3
 French FREN 1002 50 3
  FREN 1002, 2001,2002 65 9
 Spanish SPAN 1002 50 3
  SPAN 1002, 2001, 2002 65 9
 Algebra MATH 1111 50 3
 Precalculus MATH 1113 50 3
 Calculus MATH 2253 50 4
 Biology BIOL 1107, 1108 50 8
 Chemistry CHEM 1211 50 4
 Western Civilization I HIST 1111 50 3
 Western Civilization II HIST 1112 50 3
 History of the United States I HIST 2111 50* 3
 History of the United States II HIST 2112 50* 3
 American Government POLS 1101 50* 3
 Introduction to Psychology PSYC 1101 50 3
 Human Growth & Development PSYC 2103 50 3
 Introduction to Sociology SOCI 1101 50 3

*Students receiving CLEP for American Government and /or History of the United States must validate proficiency of legislative requirements by passing an exemption exam. A passing score on the CLEP examinations in American Government and History of the United States I and II does not include credit for the student's having satisfied the Georgia history requirement or the Georgia constitution requirement.

*Dalton State College proctors exams for all available CLEP subjects. However, students of Dalton State College should be aware that not all exams are acknowledge for credit by the college. Students testing from other institutions should check with their institution of enrollment to determine what exams they should take. For a complete list of exams, visit the CollegeBoard web site.

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