Compass Retest Dates for

Fall Semester Retest Dates
Thursday July 2 Walk-In 9:00 am - 1:00 pm Lorberbaum Liberal Arts (LIA) 103
Wednesday July 29 2:00 pm Lorberbaum Liberal Arts (LIA) 103

You must have an appointment to take the Retest on the COMPASS Exam, unless you are coming to a walk-in session for retesting.  You do not need to register for a walk-in session as this is a first come first serve testing day. You do need to bring picture ID and your receipt. Because this is a walk-in, there may be a wait time so please come early. Your patience will be appreciated.

 COMPASS retesting is optional. All retesting must be completed in one session and prior to attempting to earn credit hours.

Students who have been admitted to Dalton State College beginning in Fall 2009 or thereafter will be allowed one COMPASS placement retest. One retake per subject area is permitted for all first-time COMPASS takers, regardless of scores. Prior to retesting, a retest fee of $30 must be paid in the Business Office.   Students must pay the entire testing fee, regardless of the number of test sessions they are retaking. This fee should be paid with either a check or the exact cash and can be paid when the student comes to take the exam. You must bring proof for payment when you come to take the retest.

The administration and scoring of COMPASS retests are subject to the following conditions:

  1. The highest score attained in each subject area will be used for placement.
  2. If retesting more than one part of COMPASS, the student must take all tests during the same session.
  3. Retesting must be completed at least 15 business days prior to the starting date of the student's first semester of enrollment. Consequently, students who have already started taking classes do not qualify for retesting.
  4. Students may not retake the COMPASS for Learning Support courses they have withdrawn from or earned a letter grade in, nor may they retest in any subject area where college-level placement was already attained. This policy applies to courses taken within the University System of Georgia.
  5. The retest schedule is located at
  6. There will be no second retest except in unusual circumstances and by written appeal.
  7. If a documented power or computer failure interferes with the testing or scoring process, retesting is allowed without charge.
  8. After a three-year period in which students have not been enrolled in any degree-level college classes, students may request to reattempt the COMPASS at no charge.

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