Fused Sentence Practice 5
Answer Key

Identify and correct any fused sentences.  Note: Fused sentences can be corrected in many ways.


1.  The severe weather warning did not deter some travelers; traffic on I-75 was not as heavy as usual.  Fused


2.  The sky turned black; the rain fell in torrents. Fused


3.  Many drivers turned on their flashers because visibility was poor. Correct


4.  Since I could no longer see the road, I pulled off at the first exit. Correct


5.  There was no gas station at the exit; I joined the many cars that were pulled off on the side of the road. Fused


6.  I was almost out of gas, so I turned off my engine. Correct


7.  When the rain slackened, I got back on the interstate; I drove to the next exit. Fused


8.  I'm glad that I kept driving; I later learned that a tornado touched down near where I had been parked. Fused


9.  It destroyed several homes; fortunately no one was hurt. Fused


10.  Now that you have completed questions one through nine, you should check your answers. Correct