Comma Splice: Practice 3 Answer Key

Commas splice (CS): A comma splice occurs when two independent clauses are joined by only a comma.

Comma splice: IC, IC.
Example: We hiked for three weeks, we were very tired.

Some Easy Ways to Correct Comma Splices

1. Change the comma to a period and capitalize the next word. (IC. IC.)

     Correct: We hiked for three weeks. We were very tired.

2. Change the comma to a semicolon. (IC; IC.)

     Correct: We hiked for three weeks; we were very tired.

3. Add a coordinating conjunction before the second independent clause.
    Coordinating conjunctions: and, or, but, nor, for, so, yet. (IC, CC IC)

     Correct: We hiked for three weeks, so we were very tired

Caution: Don't simply delete the comma; this will create a run-on or fused sentence.

Directions: For each sentence below, write CS if the sentence is a comma splice or C if the sentence is correct. Correct any comma splices using one of the methods described above. Suggested corrections are made in red.

1. Every year I make New Year's resolutions; for example, I will try to drink more water. Comma splice

2. Every year, however, I seem to fail at my resolutions.

3. I did not want to fail this year; consequently, I changed my resolution. Comma splice

4. I finally understood that goals needed to be specific, so I modified my goal.

5. This year I will drink four glasses of water every day; this goal is specific and measurable.Comma splice

6. While this is a measurable goal; however, four glasses of water a day is not sufficient.

7. I don't care. At least this year I will be successful. Comma splice

8. Today I found out my bad cholesterol is a little high; therefore, I will reduce my fat intake. Comma splice

9. I was reading the dictionary today, and I read that a "chrisom child" is a child who dies in its first month. This struck me a very sad. Comma splice

10. Perhaps I should stop reading the dictionary; on the other hand, it is useful for correcting my spelling. Comma splice

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