Comma Splice 1 Answer Key

Directions: For each sentence below, write CS if the sentence is a comma splice or C if the sentence is correct.

1. My apartment is too small, I have no room for my treadmill and exercise bike. Comma Splice

2. I'm exhausted, however, I will go to school anyway. Comma Splice

3. Tom opened his freezer, then he noticed that two cans of beer had exploded. Comma Splice

4. Although I understand the definition, comma splices still confuse me. Correct

5. A comma splice occurs when two complete sentences are joined only by a
    comma, I need to remember that rule.
Comma Splice

6. It's means "it is" or "it has," its' is always incorrect. Comma Splice

7. I hiked for five hours yesterday, consequently I am too tired to go hiking again today. Comma Splice

8. For example, I like to read suspense novels, email my friends, and play cards with my daughter. Correct

9. My son Geoffrey plays drums in band called Talent Scam, and he likes to surf at Playalinda Beach. Correct

10. Some people value money and material possessions, others value love and family. Comma Splice


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