Comma Rules Practice 3 Answer Key

  1. Use a comma before a coordinate conjunction (and, but, or, nor, so, for, yet) in a compound sentence. 

I am not complaining, but I am stating my rather unhappy opinion.

  1. Commas are usually used after introductory words, phrases, and clauses.

When you leave today, remember your umbrella.
From the roof, I could see for miles.
Furthermore, I would like you to mow the lawn.
Yes, Santa Claus, there is no Virginia.

  1. Use commas to set off items in a series of three or more.

Of the letters X, Y, and Z, I prefer Z.

  1. Use commas to set off coordinate adjectives not joined by and.

The tired, ambitious clerk usually worked through lunch and stayed late.

  1. Use commas around words, phrases, and clauses that interrupt the flow of a sentence (and are not essential to the meaning).

I never was, by the way, a hippie.
She was, however, too tired to continue studying.

Insert commas as needed in the following sentences.  Not all sentences need commas. Write the rule number that justifies your use of the comma.

  1. When I was in college, I used to wear garlands of clover in my hair.
    Rule 2
  2. Some of these garlands would have extensions of flowers that hung to the ground. No Commas
  1. My professors pretended not to notice, but I suspected that they did.   Rule 1
  2. I was, however, an A student, and I believed my As justified my flowery, whimsical appearance.  Rules 5, 1, and 4
  3. My reasoning, wild as it may seem, convinced my parents that they need not worry about me.  Rule 5
  4. I eventually quit wearing garlands of flowers, married a manipulative, self-centered musician, and had a son. Rules 3 and 4
  5. Though my son did not wear flowers in his hair, he did experiment with his hair color, his hairstyles, and his clothing.  Rules 2 and 3
  6. One afternoon before my night class, he asked me to help him dye his blonde hair black.  Rule 2
  7. He assured me that we would be using nonpermanent hair coloring, so I helped him.  Rule 1
  8. As you might have guessed, the color of course was permanent, and I ended up going to class that night with black hands and black fingernails.  Rules 2 and 1

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